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Sport Science Services

Strength & Conditioning

Elite athletes strive to perform at their optimum several times throughout the year to peak at major events. Our strength & conditioning coaches ensure that athletes remain competitive by identifying and measuring training progress, and by developing effective yearly training programs to improve the likelihood of success at specific events.


As University educated professionals we apply evidence based systems to support the success of Athletes and Coaches

Core Values

ATHLETE CENTEREDDecisions made based on individual athletes needs and situations
SCIENCE BASEDScientific evidence and principles applied to real world settings
STRUCTURED PLANNINGUse of well organized systems to optimize the effectiveness of training
LONG TERM DEVELOPMENTTraining approach is developmentally appropriate and prioritizes long term athletic success
KNOWLEDGE SHARINGBringing awareness to the process through education of the training methods

Sports Performance Testing

Sport Performance Testing should be an important part in the life of an athlete. Our aim is to develop a set of results indicating where an individual’s strengths and weaknesses lie in relation to the various components of body composition, growth changes and fitness that is important in their sport. We also aim to provide a measure of progress in response to prescribed training programs.

Our testing is specific to each individual sport. Each profile consists of sport-specific protocols in the following areas:

  • Athropometric assessment (involving the measurements of height, weight, girths of the chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf, skinfold assessments)
  • Aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength, endurance and power
  • Speed, Quickness, Agility and Balance

Testing is a valuable tool that can help coaches and sport scientists:

  • Assess and monitor the effectiveness of training programs
  • Help identify gains and losses in skill development
  • Aid in talent identification

Sports Nutrition

Sound nutrition is essential for athletes to perform at their best. With demanding training, travel and competition schedules, it is challenging for athletes to meet their necessary dietary requirements. Dietitians provide nutritional guidance through computerized dietary analysis, drug and supplement awareness seminars, individual consulting and hands-on nutrition workshops to empower the athletes to make optimal choices that keep them fueled for personal best performances.

Mental Skills

Mental training is a vital component to an emerging athlete’s training program. Armed with valuable mental skills, the athlete is able to demonstrate physical preparedness and attain peak performance at major events. Sport psychologists and mental trainers empower athletes by teaching and implementing essential visualization, stress management and problem-solving techniques.