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Fast & Female Grande Prairie

Fast and Female is an international organization on a mission to keep girls healthy, happy and active in sports through their teens.

Girls drop out of sports at 6x the rate of boys in their early teens (Enoksen, E., 2011), and the top reason for their mass exodus from physical activity is the experience of a lack of social belonging. For this reason, Fast and Female’s Vision is: “A positive, empowering environment for girls in sport.” When coaches are more supportive, parents lay off the pressure, and teammates learn the skills to get along, the sport environment will be FUN, positive and empowering and girls will be motivated to stick with their activities.

At the Grande Prairie Champ Chat, girls age 8-18 will meet inspiring role models from sport, develop physical literacy through a circuit of exercises suitable for all sport backgrounds, and make friends. They get to dance, do yoga and get autographs from great role models on poster that they take home to put up and remind them of their empowering experience.

A special thank-you to Canadian Tire Grande Prairie for making this event FREE for ALL PARTICIPANTS!  Also our partners at the Rad Life Yoga Studio, and Grande Prairie Regional College for supplying their services and facility respectfully.

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